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Sid's Newsletter 27th November

Dear Parents and Carers

Pupil-led learning has been clearly evident at our school this week. We’ve watched theories being investigated during a fire-lighting challenge in outdoor learning and some excellent discussions arising from this too. One pupil has further developed the new bike repair workshop and has decided to begin to spray paint frames. Great innovative thinking and well done to Darren. Pupils have been out in our mini bus on different trips and visits. It is lovely to be able to explore our surrounding country parks and woodlands. In Inspire Class, pupils have been learning to knit. It has been a really popular new skill to learn – see photo! Next week, it is National Tree week. Each pupil will plant a tree and will nurture it over the coming months to ensure it remains healthy. We are planting our own ‘Memorial Orchard’! Have a lovely weekend. Erica Barnett and the Belsteads team :)

Belsteads Newsletter 27th November
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