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Sid's Newsletter - 22nd January

Dear Parents and Carers

This week has been a particularly busy week. We began with our usual day outdoors on Monday. All of our students wove their own special bracelets with clasps that held a compass, a special flint and striker for lighting fires and an extremely loud whistle. We certainly knew when they were heading back up from the outdoor classroom in the woods! Flourish class baked vegan cakes, which were absolutely delicious.

They went out exploring to the nature reserve and got plenty of fresh air and exercise. They also worked really hard throughout all of their lessons and made us proud as always. Our online learners again completed a full week of interesting and engaging lessons.

They also took part in quizzes and challenges and completed extension work too.

Have a lovely weekend.

Erica Barnett and the Belsteads Team  :)

Belsteads Newsletter 22nd January 2021
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