Our Curriculum

At our school we value and support learning; recognising the worth of each individual. Our mission is to ensure pupils acquire knowledge, skills and abilities that will enrich their lives and enhance their ability to be a part of and contribute to the community by engaging in a meaningful educational experience, appropriate to each pupil.

Our curriculum at The Belsteads School is skill and context based and encourages active engagement in learning. The curriculum focuses on developing the key skills of communication, cognition, independence, physical development and self-care, all transferrable skills that equip children and young people for life beyond the school.

Our curriculum strives to be responsive to each learner, and build on individual strengths and interests. A rolling plan is in place, which supports a balance of stimulating contexts for learning through different learning experiences, themes and subjects.

For more detailed curriculum information, please see the Curriculum Policy or contact the school for examples of short term plans.

Horse Riding and the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA)

The Belsteads School has excellent horse riding facilities on site with a menage and several paddocks for the horses to enjoy. We have formed a positive link with the RDA and have become a designated centre to enable our pupils and the local community to have an opportunity to access the benefits of riding and working with horses.

Where appropriate we integrate horse riding into each pupil’s bespoke curriculum and encourage each pupil to become involved. We find that some of the children connect extremely well with horses and have seen that riding provides physical benefits alongside helping them develop friendships, relationships and social skills. Please find below the links to the RDA website to find out more about the RDA and keep checking our websites for updates on our horse riding events and open days.



Here at the School of Golf we offer a variety of coaching opportunities to children of all ages and abilities.

Our mission is to introduce as many juniors to the game as possible and then take them through their golfing journey, to hopefully produce lifelong golfing participants.

With the golf club being within walking distance of the school an exciting and special link has been made to bring golf into the lives of students who may have never thought it possible.

Since the Golf School’s formation, our coaches have worked at a number of learning development schools within Essex, including Thriftwoods school, Columbus school and College and the City of Chelmsford Mencap charity organisation.  These links have seen our team coach a large number of children and adults ranging with differing disabilities from mild learning difficulties to more severe conditions.