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The Belsteads School is a school in central Essex for children with moderate to severe learning difficulties and autism. Upon admission to The Belsteads School each child’s needs will be reviewed, based on information received and observations, to determine what the pupil thrives at and how best we can get positive results from that young person. The pupil will then follow a tailored educational programme based around their needs and strengths to enable them to make progress in all areas and prepare them for life after school.


The Belsteads School is situated within 11 acres of paddocks and links directly to a 150-acre nature reserve. The curriculum will take advantage of this countryside setting to deliver onsite Forest School experiences and regular outdoor learning opportunities in the full range of subjects. A neighbouring golf centre will provide opportunities for the pupils to further develop physical, communication and life skills within a safe and accessible community setting.


The school has excellent horse riding facilities on site and will deliver a range of sensory and physical experiences for pupils looking after and riding the horses. The school will be a registered Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) centre providing opportunities for the wider community to become involved with horses and the school. In addition to working with horses, the school will be developing a working smallholding to enable pupils the opportunity to take their learning outside the classroom and really bring it to life.

The 5P Approach

The 5P Approach (Linda Miller, 2009) provides a clear, structured and practical framework which can be used by professionals, parents and organisations to understand, prevent and manage behaviour change.

It adopts a preventative and positive approach to intervention for individuals with autism spectrum disorder or special educational needs and disabilityBy placing an emphasis on prevention, and on the process of intervention, the 5P Approach outlines a complete intervention framework.

Constructed within the philosophy that behaviour issues only occur in situations where we have not created an environment which meets the individual’s needs, or where we have failed to understand or adapt to issues which arise, understanding autism and understanding the individual is at the heart of the 5P Approach.

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Our Team

Jo Burdon – Head Teacher

Denise Jacovou – Family & LA Liaison, 5P Trainer

Dan Garbutt – Team Teacher trainer, Learning Outside the Classroom

Malcolm Robson – Teacher

Sasha Cox – Teaching Assistant

Jenna Beech – Teaching Assistant

Remo Ferpozzi – Teaching Assistant

Natasha Laing – Teaching Assistant

Kelly Freeman – Admin Support

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